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(Support and Education for Eating Disorders)

S.E.E.D. (Support and Education for Eating Disorders)
 is a registered charity based in Preston and was founded in 2007 to provide a network of support for sufferers of eating/food/weight related issues and their family members, carers, friends etc.

We are the only service of this kind in Lancashire, with S.E.E.D. providing information, advice, education, resources, training and practical help for anyone affected by eating distress.

Seed is a small living thing that if nurtured in the correct way will grow and eventually bear fruit

S.E.E.D. is a Lancashire Charity based in Preston affiliated with B-eat and Anorexia and Bulimia Care.(ABC)

S.E.E.D. was formed in 2007 by a small group of volunteers.

S.E.E.D. provides a variety of services but is not a substitute for medical care.

S.E.E.D. is a registered charity and is reliant on volunteer time/effort, donations and small grants to deliver it's aims.


is an organisation based around Christian values. We are a volunteer led charity, consisting of those who have a passion for eating disorders and helping others. Some of our volunteers have recovered from eating disorders themselves or have previously been carers for those with an eating disorder.

We strongly believe that people suffering with an eating disorder can get better, and that full recovery is possible.

Our services provide opportunities for those in need to come and speak to our experienced and passionate volunteers in a friendly, relaxed and confidential atmosphere, providing them with any information, resources or support that they require. 


We acknowledge that the symptoms of eating disorders are an expression of a deeper emotional need, and we believe that there is help available and this help should be freely accessible. S.E.E.D. is self help focused and aims to foster healthy lifestyles towards achieving independence and improved quality of life.

PLEASE NOTE: Please be aware that we have been notified of a scam being run in the area of Blackburn. A woman is going door to door asking for sponsors for a fun run. We have contacted the police and are trying to resolve the issue. Any future fundraising events will all be widely publicized on our Facebook page and any paperwork will state our charity number. So please check before you hand over any money. 
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Affiliated with the National eating disorders charity, beat


Click here for more eating disorder help Lancashire people with eating distress can obtain from our sister website Breathe Therapies.

Can you please help us?

S.E.E.D is a charity which relies solely on donations to do the work it does.

Text "SEED03 £5" to 70070 to donate to
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Every penny counts towards improving someone with an eating disorder's life.

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SEED (Support and Education for Eating Disorders)
Charity No. 1144313
Registered in England and Wales
Company No. 074550528

Email: hello@seedlancashire.co.uk    Tel: 0844 3915539  
Write to: Galloways, Howick House, Howick Park Avenue, Penwortham, PR1 0LS

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